they worked with the seriousness of creators...

and destruction is, after all, a form of creation


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This bio has been a ‘work in progress’ for a very long time now, and since people seem to continue strolling by my profile page I guess I should do something about that.

So, a brief bio about myself:

- I am female, just graduated from university (hell yeah!), between 18-24.

You can call me Scarlet.

I made my first fanfiction account after reading “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne in high school, and ‘lady of scarlet’ was pretty much the only related name not already taken. It stuck.

- I have a fanfiction.net account under the same name, should you want to find me over there, but I am generally more active on LJ. The pit scares me sometimes. After the bad experiences over there, it can take me months to get desperate enough for fic to forget the horror and wander back in. Yet, I always do.

- I’ve been writing on and off for years. Please forgive my earlier work, I was much younger and like to think I’ve improved drastically since then.

Yes, there will be more stories added. It could take months. My writing is very sporadic, but I am constantly challenging myself and seeking improvement (concrit is welcomed and encouraged, by the way).

- Writing is cathartic for me; I can’t go very long without it.

- Sometimes I seem not to exist for extensive periods of time in the fic world, but I assure you I am still around (my sense of time is merely skewed)

- If you’ve ever enjoyed my work, reviewed, been betaed by me, or otherwise interacted with me, you are probably on my list of favourite people!

- I am Canadian.

I wish I was Australian, but Canada is a nice place. A little too cold for me, but the living conditions are good and the people are wonderful.

We don’t have an FBI as awesome as the States, but I’ll get over that eventually.

This also tends to reflect in my writing--I spell things with seemingly superfluous u’s, like ‘colour’, but it makes perfect sense over here and I frequently alternate between American and UK spellings. Forgive me.

- I’m a liberal, I admit it.

The bleeding-heart type, too.

- I am difficult to ‘squick.’ Especially regarding fanfiction.

If it exists, I’ve read it in a fic and probably whole heartedly support the rights of all consenting parties to engage in it.

Consenting being the key word, non-con can be fine if written well and sympathetically portrayed in fiction, but fiction is where it stays.

- I finally graduated (2012)!

I majored in Sociology and Psychology, with a focus on Criminology. Three of my biggest obsessions.

- I am a shameless introvert. I like to be left alone, read, write, avoid the crazy people whose illogical behaviour irritates me to the point of extreme distress, and pursue knowledge wherever it takes me.

- I am a beta, and have been for a long time now.

I am not registered on fanfiction.net, but I am usually available for LJ users if anyone should be so inclined, feel free to ask for my assistance in a PM. I am not going to make you cry (at least not intentionally), but I will not put up with any errors, faulty reasoning, poor characterization or plot holes from my authors. None. I respect them too much.

As a beta, it is not my job to hold anyone’s hand, it’s my job to improve their skills as a writer and bring their work up to a level worthy of those skills. In that regard, I have higher standards for those that impress me, and I am willing to work with those at a more beginner level until they do impress me.

I’ve been reading fanfiction for years-- probably 8 or so, maybe more-- and have come to notice many common fanfic blunders (as many others have), from which I am by no means exempt, that simply get on my nerves. That being said, I have many, many qualms about grammar, punctuation, spelling and characterization/plot. Obviously, run-on sentences, commas and sentence fragments do not bother me.

The point is not to dwell on one’s previous errors, but to learn from them.

That is the magic of writing; there are always ways to improve.

And if you care about your writing, your abilities, or even just the good people who take time out of their day to read your stories (and perhaps even comment on them—I love you all!) then you need to care about self improvement. That’s half the fun of writing!

I said ‘brief’ at the beginning of this... I lied. Now you know. I hope you enjoy your stay at my profile page, feel free to look around, there are free cookies over by the front desk.

~ Scarlet

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